Electron deflection tube for high school lessons

We are pleased that we were able to support the Greselius-Gymnasium in Bramsche with a donation so that they would be able to purchase the new electron deflection tube for upper high school grades.

The electron deflection tube is used to experimentally demonstrate the acceleration and deflection of electrons in an electric field. The grade 12 physics class explained its function as follows when handing over the donation in December 2023:

“The negatively charged electrons generated in this tube, accelerated and bundled into a beam, are attracted to the positively charged capacitor plate and thus deflected in a parabolic path towards this capacitor plate.”

With the donation we would like to support the further development of potential young talents.  Furthermore when handing over, also the apprenticeship at Lacroix + Kress GmbH was presented by Svenja Meßbauer (HR Manager).

We wish much success while experimenting during physics lessons!