– Back to the future –

For us as a copper wire manufacturer with our two plants in Bramsche and Neunburg vorm Wald, it means going back to our roots.

Since November 1st, 2020 we have been operating again under the name Lacroix + Kress GmbH. Decisive for this choice of name – and the “back to the future” – was the unchanged high level of awareness of Lacroix + Kress as a brand, which also stands for high quality. At the same time, this name offers a high level of identification potential for our employees.

In connection with the separation from the large corporation,Christof Barklage returns as managing director and CEO Second Managing director and CFO / CTO is Sébastien Mas from the Munich investment company Mutares AG. Christof Barklage was head of Nexans in Germany for many years and actively supported the plants in Bramsche and Neunburg vorm Wald for many years. “I believe in a bright future and I’m glad Mutares asked me. I didn’t hesitate for a second. “ , says C. Barklage.

The two managing directors have already started to initiate the transformation process. They see great opportunities in the market for our two plants and employees.